Message from the Managing Director

นายพนม ควรสถาพร ประธานเจ้าหน้าที่บริหาร

In 2018, Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited successfully implemented business plans, i.e. expanding warehouse in Nakhonluang District, Ayutthaya, and constructing new barges for marine logistics services. With a full-fledged fleet of 12 barges, the Company registered revenue from marine logistics business of 418 million baht, which improved as planned, and capably generated total revenue of 7,900 million baht, an increase of 33% from last year

For market expansion into Vietnam, investment was made in construction of warehouse and coal screening house in Dong Nai, from which coal importation and distribution commenced since late 2017. Consequently, revenue from sales of coals in Vietnam, equal to a volume of over 170 thousand tons, amounted to 266 million baht in 2018 or an increase of 171%.

Operating results in relation to logistics business in 2018 grew substantially from 2017 by 185% owing to a fleet of 12 barges of its own, which proved corporate vision for potentiality of growth in marine logistics business. Therefore, the Company has constructed additional 12 barges, to be fully delivered within the 1st quarter of 2019, whereby offering a 24-barge fleet to serve the need for marine transportation of operators in various industries.

The Company not only operates to maximize returns for the shareholders, but also recognizes its responsibility to stakeholders so as to enable business sustainability by inculcating into all personnel a sense of responsibility to society, the environment and communities. As a result, the Company was applauded by the Stock Exchange of Thailand with two awards for sustainable acts, i.e. the Rising Star Sustainability Award 2018 and the inclusion in the Thailand Sustainability Investment List 2018. Granted to listed companies that operated with environmental and social responsibility and management under corporate governance principles, these awards accentuated the Company’s sustainable development approach in business.

As the Managing Director, I would like to thank all executives and employees for the collective devotion, persistence and integrity that have contributed to business success in 2018. Gratitude also goes to the shareholders, customers, public and private agencies, and all stakeholders for their constant support to and trust in the Company. Please be assured that the Company will operate businesses in adherence to good corporate governance principles in tandem with social and environmental responsibility in order to attain sustainable growth.